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Wholly unique folk/pop/rock hybrid combining the restless yearning of Woody Guthrie, the fire-brand passion and conviction of Van Morrison, and the celebratory vibe and organic styled arrangements of the Waterboys; a melding of classic and contemporary.

His songs are roadmaps of the soul, a series of paintings that are sometimes culled from personal experience, other times from the triumphs and failures or others in an imperfect world. Like many great songwriters, Inman takes personal experience and universalizes it. A young man from the Midwest who now resides in Los Angeles, Paul Inman has performed throughout Europe and North America. His music is a melting pot of old and new. On his album on Mojave Moon Records, Rattlesnake Heat, co-produced with Larry Goetz (Opal, Edgar Winter, War, and others) he eloquently melds acoustic instruments with chiming electric guitars and keyboards. The ghost of Woody Guthrie meets up with Van Morrison, Bob Dylan, the Psychedelic Furs, and David Bowie and they all end up somehow in late 1990's America. Paul Inman is a dynamic performer, seducing audiences with his wild-angel voice and guitar or piano.

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