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Paul Inman's Delivery is comprised of singer-songwriter-guitarist/keyboard player/harmonica player and renegade avid poet/artist Paul Inman and a rotating cast of supporting musical compatriots. Raised near Detroit Michigan, Inman digested much from that locale's sonic landscape before emigrating to Los Angeles where he absorbed the Americana/folk stylings of California's most compelling artists (The Band, Tom Waits, The Hearbreakers, The Buffalo Springfield, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Blood on The Tracks/Desire era Dylan, Van Morrison's Hard Nose the Highway), blending them into a compelling Gothic-tinged folk/pop/rock delivery. Touring both as a trio and as a solo acoustic guitar and piano act, Paul Inman's Delivery have released 4 full-length CD's of deftly performed gothic-tinged americana infused with folk and pop. Their latest, Songs Of The Broken Earth, further expands their sonic palette to incorporate blues and electronic stylings, while remaining embedded in the americana and roots rock genre. They tour intermittently both in the U.S. and in Europe while continuing to record new material. They have shared stages with the likes of Marc Olsen and Victoria Williams (Creek Dippers), Gram Rabbit, Lucinda Williams, and The Jayhawks. They are looking to release a new CD later this year..


Edgar Allan Poe, Kerouac, Elvis, Rimbaud, changes in the weather, dusk, dawn, midnight, felines, Dylan, Van Morrison, the Doors, Walt Whitman, N. Scott Momaday, Steinbeck, Celine, William Faulkner, W.B. Yeats, Shelley, Byron, Keats, Rolling Stones, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Cash, Sonny Boy Williamson, Robert Johnson, raindrops, snowfall, endless highways, Grand Funk Railroad, Gordon Lightfoot, William Carlos Williams, the Beatles, fog and sunsets, sunrise and evenfall, intelligent woman of all ages, angles and curvature of women, Iggy and the Stooges, Bowie, T Rex, Mott the Hoople, The Waterboys, Willie Nelson, Fairport Convention, Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Black Elk, Hunter S. Thompson, Sam Peckinpah, Natural Wonders, Jimi Hendrix, Leonard Cohen, Henry Miller, Merlot, Maps and Atlases, black and white photography, Todd Rungren, stirring conversation, downhill skiing, The Faces/Small Faces, Hank Williams, Alice Cooper, Tom Waits, Bob Seger System, Gothic interiors, Bordello Chic, candleabras, hoofbeats, ravens, Mythology (Greek, Irish, Celtic, Native American), Sidewalk Cafes, Al Green, Mountain, Lucinda Williams, The Jayhawks, Donovan Leitch, mascara, the Replacements, eyeliner, herbs, Dr. John, New Riders, White Stripes, Townes Van Zandt... . Lloyd Cole, Joe Henry, David Bowie, Black Sabbath,  Literature, Film, art, landscapes, time travel...


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13 janPaul Inman’s Delivery
Opgeslagen in: RECENSIES — John Gjaltema @ 00:14 Net als Bravo Johnson brengt Paul Inman de luisteraar terug naar de jaren zeventig van Neil Young. Net als Bravo Johnson komt Paul Inman uit Los Angeles. Net als Bravo Johnson slaagt Paul Inman er in om oude tijden te laten herleven met een persoonlijke stijl die opmerkelijk genoeg geheel niet gedateerd aandoet. Songs Of The Broken Earth (Mojave Moon Records) van Paul Inman’s Delivery is, kortom, een aanrader van jewelste. Een uitgekristalliseerd werkstuk dat organische aandoet, wat wellicht te maken heeft met de werkwijze. Songs Of The Broken Earth werd opgenomen met slechts twee microfoons. De trillende stem in openingsnummer Railroadin’ Days zorgt direct al voor de verwijzing naar Neil Young. De mondharmonica versterkt dat nog. Inman bespeelt een heel arsenaal aan instrumenten: akoestische en elektrische gitaar alsook slidegitaar, mondharmonica, piano, orgel, bas, Moog, Hammond, Wurlitzer, ukulele, banjo, harp en percussie. Nergens klinkt dat gelaagd op een gekunstelde manier. Sterker nog, het album klinkt alsof het ook is opgenomen in de jaren zeventig. En het helpt ook dat er wel degelijk ook andere musici aan te pas kwamen tijdens de opnamen. Baby Ramble Down en de ook al van zo’n fraaie songtitel voorziene Down In The Vale Of Old Avalon passen helemaal in het akoestische straatje van Neil Young. Denk aan albums als Tonight’s The Night en After The Goldrush. Grote woorden inderdaad, maar Paul Inman’s Delivery brengt het werkelijk allemaal de huiskamer binnen. Een speelduur van ruim 61 minuten draagt ook nog eens bij aan de serieuze aanbeveling die deze recensie is. Dit is de vierde cd van Paul Inman’s Delivery, dat al actief is sinds eind jaren negentig. Googlen leverde geen enkele in het Nederlands geschreven recensie op. Laat dit dus voor velen een eerste kennismaking zijn. En dan ook nog even deze tip die met dit album niets te maken heeft. Bij de nieuwe Mojo zit een cd waarop Harvest van Neil Young in zijn geheel door diverse artiesten wordt nagespeeld. Ook zeer de moeite waard. Songs Of The Broken Earth is verkrijgbaar bij CD Baby.


"Lyrically far- reaching with melodies clothed in vibrant hues and dark shades of instrumentation~ " Gilroy Dispatch

“Lyrics that stand alone as poetry; combined with that voice and melody, just take flight beyond the throng of singer- songwriters plying their trades...”

— Mercury Journal

“Finely crafted songs tethered to a yearning voice and colorful, well wrought instrumentation and arrangements...”

— Stephanie Le Fauve/Sierra News

“Compelling lyrics entwined with inventive arrangements of sound and melodies, delivered with emotive vocals...”

— Monterey County Weekly



In his latest cd folk,pop, country and blues merge together in one great Americana writ. His influences lie in the folk-rock of the seventies. He plays many string instruments and keyboards Many of his songs deal with love or the lack of it. “Railroadin’ Days” reminds me of the great Dutch-Canadian singer-songwriter Ad Vanderveen. “(Oh Mercy, Look At) The Way She Moves” is a beatlesinspired song and very radiofriendly. “Black Snake Crawlin’” is bluesy singer-songwriterstuff with a nice harmonica. “Jenny Roe” is one of the love songs accompanied with a brilliant steel guitar. “Annabelle Lee” is a piano-driven love song. “Cities of the world” is one of the more rockier songs. “Girl”, “Baby Ramble Down”, “In The Eyes Of Maribel” and “Isle Of Skye” are slow guitar-driven love songs, while “Down In The Vale Of Old Avalon” is a piano-driven song. “I Got No Money” is a slow bluesy rockin' song. The cd ends with “I Still Want To Ramble” about a restless man who still hasn’t found his home.(again great instrumentation). Finally I must mention a great interpretation of Woody Guthrie’s “More Pretty Girls Than One”

Score : 8/10


"Lyrically far- reaching, with a gift for engaging melodies" (Desert Post Review)

"A solid blending of classic folky roots rock with contemporary pop overtones"- College Coast Review

"Gothic- tinged Folk/Pop/Rock with Soul"... Desert Post Weekly


"A deft melding of rootsy folk with a dash of 70's Glam Rock leanings" Santa Barbara Independent

Journeys and


By Michael Palecki




Slowing the pace considerably

on Sunday at

The Village Grind, paul

Inman played acoustic

guitar, electric keyboards

and sang from an expansive

self-written body of

songs. He was accompanied

by Robert Dill on

Cajon drumbox. Looking

a lot like a young Gqorge

Harrison and singing with

Folk nuances, Inman,s

songs of travel and romantic

trysts included

Cloudbursl inspired by

that locale on Highway 2.


Go to: www.paulinman.

net for additional information

on this talented



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